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Tackling The Space Crunch For Marissa.

“Neha was great! Really communicative and I love the final design”

- Marissa, USA,


The client required assistance in redesigning her dining room and living room area to make the spaces more functional, less cluttered, and pet-friendly.

TAL gave efficient space-saving interior design solutions to the client to help with accommodation in case guests came.

Marissa moodboard blueprint

Project Highlights

Tackling the space crunch: A leather sofa-cum-bed made the best of the living room space by providing a comfortable and organized solution.

Pet-resilient furniture: TAL addressed the client's concern about dog pawprints and the furniture’s durability to ensure a stylish and pet-friendly living room.

Marissa moodboard

Budget-friendly options: TAL successfully sourced budget friendly furniture options without compromising on their quality or design.

Installing bookshelves: Instead of a crockery unit, TAL suggested installing two bookshelves to provide a dedicated space for the client’s book collection.

Marissa moodboard


The entire project challenged us to come up with innovative solutions to space crunch issues while working for this client. With meticulous research and collaboration, we could help provide a satisfactory solution to our client.

Collaborations so good, you’ll come back again!

  • Budget-friendly
  • Process-focused
  • Time-commitment
  • Consistent quality
  • Tech-savviness