Functional Space or Admirable Style?
We do both.

TAL is on a mission to design flawlessly functional and stylish spaces.

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We are driven by our vision to create a world where the right designs can easily bridge the gap between dream interiors and working spaces.

Founder’s Story -
Neha Ghai

The Aesthete Living is on a mission to help Interior Design firms create functional spaces, no matter where you are located in the world.

We believe in making a difference through design by turning dream interiors into reality.

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TAL works with the core belief that spaces should not just be pretty but also brilliantly functional and practical for utility

Meet Neha’s Team

Cat Chintu

Chintu and Pintu - the two most purrfect employees in the entire world.

Except when they knock her design folders off the table and sit on her laptop, they always help her get her work done on time. It would be impawssible for TAL to uphold the culture of dedication and brilliance without them.

Partner up with us and say hello to two of the best sales people in the world!

Cat Pintu

TAL Absolutes / Mandates (Culture)


From first to forever - we never let the quality of designs go down!


From capacity to limitation, we listen, understand, and communicate everything.


We cultivate trust and integrity by delivering on our promises every time.


While perfection is unattainable, striving for the best isn’t. We give our best to improvement.


We’re authentic & experimentative. Thinking outside the box is our hobby.


There’s something new in the market? We’re already tinkering with it.

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We never go back on these values!

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