Living Room 3D Visualization

Quality Assurance For Stage One.

“Beautiful job”

- Joel Paplanos, Stageone, USA,


The client is a staging company based in Brooklyn, New York, that specializes in interior decoration for both office and residential spaces.

They provide interior design, decoration, execution, and 3D visualization services to their own clients.

Basement Layout

Project Highlights

Skilled Design Professionals: The client struggled to find efficient designers proficient in producing high-quality designs. TAL could fill in this gap by providing premium quality interior design solutions that didn’t degrade with time.

Timely deliveries: TAL helped the client with many urgent and time-sensitive projects with efficient and timely deliveries of high-quality designs.


Understanding the US Market: One of the primary challenges for Stage 1 was finding professionals who could understand the US market. TAL could successfully deliver the designs based on US market research.

Living room 3D Visualization


The collaboration between TAL and Stage One has proven to be mutually beneficial. TAL was proficient in delivering high quality designs tailored to the US market and in the process developed efficient systems to manage demand and delivery. The successful delivery of multiple projects has transformed Stage 1 into a regular partner.

Collaborations so good, you’ll come back again!

  • Budget-friendly
  • Process-focused
  • Time-commitment
  • Consistent quality
  • Tech-savviness