3D Visualization

Kid’s Playroom.

“Neha was very patient and helpful in understanding the requirements. She did a splendid job with the layouts and mood board. Extremely satisfying experience. Thank you, Neha !”

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The client needed to design a playroom for her kid. The project was challenging in its own might. The lack of a bed and the need for functional furniture in a kid’s playroom pushed us to sit through the process and conceptualize.


Project Highlights

Conceptualization: The playroom needed to be functional, spacious, and storage-efficient for toys. With conceptualization and planning, we could find fitting furniture options and storage solutions for the playroom.

Collaborative process: Unlike our other projects, this was more collaborative with ideas coming in from the client’s end as well. Together, we came up with innovative solutions.


Lack of reference: Without a bed in the room and in the lack of reference, we had to work through various ideas to come up with a solution.

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The project was completed successfully with a result loved by our client. This project helped TAL push itself to work without references and get truly creative in the lack of resources. Despite the challenges, we were able to deliver to our client’s satisfaction.

3D visualization

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